Vandalorum 2O13

With nature as a starting point, the artist lets the pattern image in the organic material take over and become an abstract form. After all, patterns are something naturally recurring in nature, something we are spontaneously attracted to.

Although Stina Siljing works with painting, she has chosen a method that brings to mind objects rather than attempts to create an illusion. She paints with vinyl paint on both stainless and steel sheets. In the images with stainless steel, she lets the light play freely in the shiny surface. When she uses sheet steel, she challenges the sheet with paint and water, a rare and sometimes surprising interplay can begin. The corrosion sometimes takes unexpected paths and produces unplanned colors. Chance has its say, but the artist rules.

It is an interesting play between the images with the cool perfect surface that often reflects the room and the images with the almost seductively disturbing corrosion. We are torn between the flat surface and the pleasantly tactile rust with its clear presence.

Eva Thomasdotter
Curator Vandalorum, Småland's art archive.