Stina Siljing, artist, and Lars Hallén, yoga and meditation inspirer, have created a work of art in the form of a book in collaboration. The theme is loss, grief and pain. Process, processing and hope.

"I lost my husband Joacim to cancer in the fall of 2016. Chaos and despair led to a meditation circle led by Lars. Every Friday throughout the spring of 2017 there was meditation followed by conversation. The meditation gave a feeling of calm and stillness, a moment's rest from the sadness.

In the studio I had been working with objects for a long time. They came about during many hours of thinking about life, death and everything in between. In March I showed these works at Monica Strandberg's gallery in Kalmar.

Before an exhibition at Karlshamn's art gallery in October, Lars asked if he could write texts for my works. The lyrics were very affecting for me and it took time before I could take them to heart.

When the text had landed in my head, the thought came: This is a book! The process from idea to book has been very short, less than two months. I am so proud of "Andetag" a tribute to Joacim, life and art!"

Stina Siljing 24/11 2017

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